In this private tour you will see picturesque temples stand undisturbed among the trees, where you take an eye-opening walk through a jungle path where finally your reach the pier to board. We enbark the boats and you’ll cruise around the lagoon and into narrow canals that are just barely wider than the boat itself. The water is crystal clear, so you can easily spot fish swimming around. But look up in the air too, as Sian Ka’an is known for over 300 species of birds.

Eventually, you’ll reach a small Mayan ruin that was used for commerce centuries ago. The boat docks here to take a look around.

Yet the highlight is next when you’ll have the opportunity to float down an ancient Mayan canal! The canal is lined with mangroves and the water is very clear. It’s also super refreshing, after that short but sweaty trek through the hot & humid jungle! A lifejacket is provided to float down the canal with.

This private tour is the perfect place to enjoy an introduction to Mayan history & ecology.

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