To preserve the island of Contoy we are enforcing the rules of the National Park which are:

Don’t touch any wildlife. No animals, no sea creatures. As a wildlife sanctuary, humans are only visitors.

No sunscreen or bug spray is permitted. This includes reef-safe or environmentally friendly brands. Zero chemicals are permitted in the National Park area, either on the beaches or in the water. Sunscreen is not permitted on day trips to Isla Contoy.

Don’t hang anything from trees or bushes. This includes wet clothes. Living things need those plants for food or for their homes. Hanging things from them could damage the plants.

No smoking anywhere in the National Park. Including on the boats while they are docked. Most guides will not permit smoking on board at all.

Avoid the turtle nests. These are clearly marked with posts and caution tape. You cannot miss them. Stay far away if you see any. Sea turtles are endangered, and Mexico takes seriously its role in increasing sea turtle populations.

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